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CARTOON NETWORK's "FusionFall & Bleedman's Doujinshi.......and PPGZ!!???"

2010-02-19 21:54:24 by I-Johnny

Okay NG guys & girls! I've found something very interesting.

As you can see, the Korean studio, the Grigon Entertainment has created a browser-based MMO, called FusionFall. It consists of a lot of character based on the 90s, that includes PPG, Samurai Jack, Dexter's Laboratory, Kids Next Door, Ben 10, and I suppose a lot more. It's still beta (I think) and they said that it will soon be released at Asia Pacific. Then people are allowed to play it for free for a while, until when they fond of it, they can pay their monthly subscription of $5.95. One thing bothered me is that it's not the game but the arts of the FusionFall I found while searching through Google. They have that similar characteristics, but I'm sure that I still voted my ass off to Bleedman's Doujinshi.

Now, Bleedman's Doujinshi was also quite popular.


And that would be the link to the site where you can see all of his arts, more like a comic strips with well developed stories.

Anyways, back to the 'popular' part, he's popular. He already through various conventions, to sell his own arts. And through the extent of my knowledge, i think One thing in particular is that he already finished one comic, and downloaded it's every picture, saving it in my files, so I can read for future likes.

His 3 kick-ass comics consists of Sugar Bits, PPG Doujinshi, and Grim Tales. the arts he created in them were vary artistic, and with a ratio-like characteristic of 50% cartoon and 50% anime.
I respect not the arts but more on the storyline, and its cuteness of the romance part. He's comics are not into romance, but of course there will be always the soft edge part of the story, right?

So yeah, that's it, Bleedman's arts and FusionFall.......
Wait a sec..

Ughh. Last minute flashbacks!

I kind of hated the PPGZ, because they have to dance for a minute just to get themselves into their battle outfit. It's quite annoying for me. But for you, it's up to you to decide.

Peace everyone!

Btw, I found this cute art of Numbuh 3 (Kids Next Door) By typing along Fusionfall.

CARTOON NETWORK's "FusionFall & Bleedman's Doujinshi.......and PPGZ!!???"